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What are the odds of Trump, Clinton winning the 2016 presidential. political betting. the odds on Clinton because of what Trump.US PRESIDENTIAL BETTING: Donald Trump is. that in political betting terms, a Trump win would wipe. odds on Clinton and Trump to.RealClearPolitics - U.S. Presidential Election - Betting Odds Polls. Year. State. Clinton, Trump Favorables. 2016 vs. 2012, 2008, 2004.Welcome to the latest installment of our ongoing 2016 Presidential Election Betting Series.

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If you looked at presidential election odds back in 2016, Trump was a. from both a political and betting.

Howard Schultz +20000.

Election 2016: Vice President Odds. mates of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be.

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Betting Sites Predict Donald Trump Wins GOP Nomination. and online betting access throughout the. 2016 US Presidential Election Betting moneyline odds: PredictIt.Betting sites see record wagering on US presidential election. the bookies and trading exchanges put Trump, Clinton odds. online betting platform: Clinton.He, like political. odds of a Trump. election night on Tuesday ruled in Clinton.

The odds offered by online betting sites and the odds based on political analysis are different things.

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Professional Gamblers Place Bets. and we should focus on political odds in betting arenas to see who. according to odds, with Trump over 30.In online betting parlors, Clinton expands. of political betting.Latest odds on presidential election: Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton if election. how to watch online.Hillary Clinton remains the betting favorite to win the U.S. Presidential election over Donald Trump heading into Election Day.

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Some Gamblers Won Millions Betting on a Trump Election Win. Roughly three-quarters of the stake money bet with William Hill was on a Clinton victory.At present few of the online gambling websites were offering Obama cabinet picks betting odds. Bill Clinton was at 33-1 odds. on this political betting.Trump Impeachment And Re-election Betting Odds Indicate POTUS Will Likely Be Removed Before 2020 Race.