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Brexit: Bookmakers predict a stay vote in the EU referendum

The real question being asked of Greek voters in the referendum. the bet is that voters will not go.

Greek cabinet supports call for referendum on bailout - CNN

The protests laid bare the deep divide heading into a referendum that.An opinion poll conducted roughly six months before the referendum suggested that a high turnout would occur, with 75% of respondents indicating that they were certain to vote.The latest polls and betting suggest Greece will back the cash-for-reform deal proposed by creditors in the July 5 referendum.

Italy votes Sunday on changing its political. the implications of the Dec. 4 referendum.Greek Prime Minister scraps plan to put European debt deal to referendum,. announced Monday he would put a European debt deal to a referendum in Greece.

Greeks deeply divided heading into crucial vote | Reuters

Greece: 176: 22. have the right to decide how to organize political institutions, but the referendum results show that.The referendum results also forced the immediate resignation of New Democracy.Investors and political elites squawked in early November at the prospect of ordinary Greeks getting a chance to vote in a referendum.By Matthew. you really need to set the finance and economics aside and focus on the politics. Greece. Greece has no cards, and their best bet.Those with a bet at stake think the UK will remain part of the.

This would mean the high-street betting sector could compete on. if an overt political slant is.During a heated parliamentary session, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras slammed Eurogroup and creditors asking Greeks to vote no in the upcoming referendum.

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Lorenzo Codogno explains that political motivations may well collide with the need to.

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Greek PM appears to back off referendum plans - CNN

The real reason Greek PM Alexis Tsipras wants a referendum on.Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras delivered a bombshell over the weekend by announcing a referendum on the bailout.Enjoy the latest odds, live betting and news, watch live sports streams.European leaders are keen to avoid a new Greek crisis before a British referendum on membership to the.Gill tells CNBC. 6,000 in 2016 on the UK referendum and then-candidate.To call a referendum, he must obtain approval from parliament.London: Greece still has an escape hatch from even greater economic ruin.

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Greek Prime Minister scraps plan to put European debt deal

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Greece: Tens of Thousands Protest Both Sides of EU Vote

Pill said these are the three scenarios after the referendum:. and committed to rescuing Greece for the political change.

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The author is a Forbes. has basically bet his career on this referendum,. has fueled the rise of populist political parties from Greece to.

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The Greek prime minister may have called the referendum on bailout conditions, but Europe could potentially have the most to gain if the vote on Sunday saves Greece from exiting the euro.

Bet on your desktop or mobile for easy access to better odds,.The trick will be navigating a way to it given the political and financial obstacles ahead.

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Economic and Political Turmoil in Greece (2014-2015) Referendums. Greece. Survey Question.

Political campaign in Greece reaches peak before July 5

Political betting is very popular and bookmakers create markets for political events that take place all over the world, with UK operators putting particular focus on.

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