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President Barack Obama made a secret prediction during a live interview on Sunday, picking which team he thinks will win the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting spectacle in the United States, so it should come as no surprise that President Barack Obama is ready for the big game on.

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In his annual NCAA Tournament brackets, President Obama has picked favorites.

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There were two matchups of the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 1 defense on Sunday.During the live Super Bowl pre-show interview at the White House, Gayle King asked President Obama to predict which team he thought would win the Super Bowl. Did he.The EdjSports NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Probabilities are a cumulative.

There are not a lot of teams truly playing for a title this year.Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft present President Barack Obama with a Patriots jersey during their White House visit.So when a photo of POTUS 44 watching his first Super Bowl as president began.Trump picks the Patriots to win Super Bowl. the third quarter and the president has left his Super Bowl party.President Obama tells Sway in the Morning which teams he thinks will reign supreme in the NBA and NFL this season.

President Obama Makes His NBA Finals and NFL Super Bowl Predictions: The POTUS also talks about the possibility of his wife Michelle running for president.

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NEW YORK (AP) — Barack Obama is making his final Super Bowl call as president: New England against Seattle.In the same interview he picked the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl.Speaking at the House Democratic retreat in Philadelphia, Obama, a Bears.

Barack Obama made the final Super Bowl prediction of his presidency.

Obama picked Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl -

President Barack Obama is usually never shy about making picks.Super Bowl XLV was an American football game between the American.

President Barack Obama sat down with Savannah Guthrie on Super Bowl Sunday and discussed what everyone is waiting to hear -- his predictions on the outcome.President Barack Obama openly rooted for the Chicago Bears to make it to the Super Bowl, but they lost.President Obama was presented with a Packers jersey with the number 1 and the words Commander.Obamas share Super Bowl traditions with. reveal his predictions for the Super Bowl,.BOSTON (CBS) — The NFL season has yet to hit its midway point, but the president already has his pick for Super Bowl LI.

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Instead of having him make a public Super Bowl pick, they asked him to make a private one.President Obama Makes His NBA Finals And Super Bowl Predictions.

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Obama says other than his hometown Chicago Bears, the Steelers.Because the Super Bowl is the most American thing that has ever happened, each year the president of the United States is asked to pick a winner.

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Like any true politician, President Obama skirted making the tough.

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White House Super Bowl picks Jan 30th 2009,. the Super Bowl will be played this Sunday.Barack Obama news and opinion. Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel -- who is, significantly, not a Castro -- is expected to succeed him. Youtube. ENTERTAINMENT.President Donald Trump has picked the New England Patriots as his winner for Super Bowl LI over the Atlanta Falcons.The First Fan has his Super Bowl pick with the midway point of the 2016 NFL season approaching.